• Deep Above Ground Pool Liners

Deep Above Ground Pool Liners

If you have an above ground pool with a deeper swimming area or you are building an above ground pool and wish to add a deeper swimming area, you will likely need to purchase an expandable pool liner to make this happen. Expandable liners are used in both round and oval pools and can add up to 2 feet of additional water depth. But before you run out and get you one there are a few things you need to know first.

Expandable Above Ground Pool Liners And Round Pools

Practically any round above ground pool is capable of having a deep center or deep end added to it. To make this happen you will simply have to dish out the earth to create a nice dish shape in the floor. This is easiest when building your pool but can be done during pool liner replacements too. It’s just tougher then because you will have to throw all that dirt up and over the pool wall.

When creating a deep center or deep end in a round above ground pool, shaping the hopper correctly is critical to swimming pool enjoyment. No one wants to tread water all day nor does anyone want to stand on a slope. To make your pool a comfortable place to hang out, begin your dig by coming inward from the pool wall a least 2 feet before starting to slope down towards the center. This flat area around the entire edge of the pool will give bathers a place to stand and walk around comfortably.

Once you begin your slope toward the center try to keep the descent gradual and avoid digging straight up and down. A gradual transition from the swallows to the deepest point will minimize wrinkles in the pool liner and provide the nicest finished product. To view available expandable pool liners and pricing click here.

Expandable Above Ground Pool Liners And Oval Pools

Unlike round pools, oval shaped above ground pools are a completely different story. Almost none of the oval pools on the market are capable of having a true deep end or deep middle as most people visualize. This is because most all oval shaped pools have metal framework that crosses the pool side to side underneath the pool liner. These metal components get in the way of making any deep swimming area and these parts cannot be left out during pool construction. They are very important to the pool structure and failing to install them will cause catastrophic pool failure.

Don’t be fooled by pool dealers offering expandable pool liner options for typical oval above ground pools. If you are shopping for a real deep end oval pool you must confirm with the salesman that their oval pool is a strapless oval model. This means no straps run across the pool from buttress to buttresses. If the oval pool has straps you will have a flat bottom pool.

The easiest way to obtain a true deep end in your oval shaped above ground pool is to start with one designed for this purpose. Hoffinger, the maker of Doughboy, Lomart and Embassy pools offers deep end capable pool models in a wide variety of sizes from small to very large. In fact the Doughboy expandable pool liners can go to a maximum depth of 7 feet deep. If you are interested in a true deep end oval pool and wish to learn more including prices click here.

Doughboy Above Ground Pool Dig Sheet

Below is a dig sheet provided by Doughboy pools. This guide is how Doughboy recommends you shape the floor of your oval pool when using their expandable pool liners. Your pool’s floor shape and depth is ultimately your preference but this image is a good representation of how most people have asked us to dig their pools in years past. I’ve included the image to help do-it-yourselfers in search of ideas or specs for their own pool projects.

Doughboy Pools Deep End Dig Sheet