Grass Removal And Above Ground Pool Installation

One of the more common questions new pool owners ask when setting out to build their above ground pool is whether they need to remove the grass first.  If you say yes, the follow up question is can I just put down a tarp or can I just add sand to the ground? These are all reasonable questions and I have some great answers to these and others about dealing with grass and above ground pools.

Grass And Leveling The Frame

Pool manufacturers want you to level the pool frame within one inch from one side to the other. This means that all of the patio blocks under each post must level to one another. This degree of levelness is necessary to keep the pool safe for swimmers while providing a long pool life. Getting a pool level is near impossible without removing the grass and leveling the frame on solid ground. In order to level an above ground pool some blocks may need to be recessed into the ground and this is near impossible to do with grass and grass roots in the way.

Grass And Sand

Another way people try to get around the removing of the grass before installing an above ground pool is by adding sand to the ground before leveling the frame. In theory adding a large amount of material directly on top of the ground could work if the sand was thick enough, but there are a few issues with going this route.

First there is the added expense of several yards of sand that would be required for the average size pool install. This is going to be expensive and take considerable time to acquire, haul and move all that material into place.

The second issue is the thickness itself as sand doesn’t pack well. I would recommend keeping the sand to under 3″ if possible because the thicker the sand is the more prone to foot prints the pool floor will become. These foot prints make a pool floor uncomfortable to walk on and difficult to clean.

Also, when building up ground to install the pool frame, you must build up the ground all around the outside perimeter of the pool too. You will need the ground to be even with the frame and extend out at least 3′ beyond the pool framework everywhere. You should also add plants, grass or other landscaping materials to this extend area to prevent the ground from washing away during rain storms, splashing etc. Failing to build up the outside perimeter of the pool and ensuring it stays put could result in the swimming pool’s collapse.

Nutgrass And Above Ground Pool Liners

If you haven’t figured out that removing the grass first is the way to go here, I have one more reason why you should, nutgrass. Nutgrass is a weed that grows in the southern United States and is commonly found in Florida backyards. What makes nutgrass a big deal is the fact it will grow right through your new pool liner. One day you will notice grass growing up through the bottom of your pool and you may have just one blade or hundreds.

Nutgrass is not to be taken lightly as this weed can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if it’s under your new pool. Nutgrass is extremely persistent and is capable of growing through plastic sheeting, plywood, tar paper and even asphalt, so your pool liner is no challenge.

By far the best way to deal with potential problem is to treat the ground with a high quality nutgrass killer prior to installing you new above ground pool liner. To be most effective start by removing the grass in your pool location first, this will remove the majority of nutgrass too, if you have it. Then apply a good quality nutgrass killer to the ground just prior to installing the pool liner. This will place the poison directly on top of any remaining nutgrass or seeds. Click here to view recommended nutgrass killer and pricing.

By removing the grass first you start with a better foundation for your new pool and this will ensure it’ll be there for many years to come.