Nutgrass Killer For Above Ground Pools

It’s important to know what nutgrass is and take precautions to prevent it from damaging your new pool liner.  Nut Grass or nut-sedge is a stubborn weed commonly found in the southern US and along the eastern coast. It can be hard to spot in lawns as it looks very similar to normal grass blades. What makes it bad for pool owners is the fact this weed will grow through pool liners and practically anything you would put under one. This list includes pool floor pads, plastic sheeting, plywood, Styro-foam, weed barriers etc.  If it can grow through asphalt roads it’s one tough weed! So you need to deal with it before installing your pool liner.

I would never install an above ground pool or liner in Florida without using the product below. If you do you run the risk of having to purchasing a new liner, installing and buying this product anyway. Not to mention the cost of filling your pool again and the additional chemicals. Believe it or not this scenario plays out many times every summer and the sad part is that it can be prevented for very little investment.

When dealing with such a tough customer as nutgrass you mustn’t take half measures, buy the commercial grade chemical and use as directed. Better yet use too much and ensure to keep nutgrass at bay. This product says use one bag for every 380 sq ft. This means roughly 1 bag for small pools up to 18′ round, 2 bags for midsize pools up to 27′ round and 3 bags for large pools. Use more on your pool if you can afford it and buy an Armor Shield to prevent critter damage. This is the combo I personally use myself.

Nutgrass Weed Killer For Orlando Above Ground Pools