Overlap Pool liner Installers

Overlap Pool Liners Installation

Before I start a very basic instruction of how to install an overlap liner it’s important to know what an overlap pool liner is and how it differs from other above ground pool liners. It’s important to know a few thing first as overlap liners require other components for installation. In cases of older pools these parts should be inspected or replaced during disassembly.

What Is An Overlap Pool Liner

Overlap liners are easy to identify as they simply go up the inside of the pool wall and hang over on the outside, leaving several inches of excess vinyl visible. Overlap liners are the most affordable liners because they don’t need a bead or finished edge to work in a pool, therefore they’re less expensive to manufacture. They attach to the top of the pool wall and are held in place with strips of plastic called liner coping strips. The coping simply pinches down on the liner holding it tight on to the pool wall while protecting the vinyl liner from the metal or resin stabilizer bars. Overlap liners are available in various thicknesses and prints. They are made to fit 48″ 52″ or 54″ pool walls. 

The Installation Process

I am starting off with the assumption you have already disassembled your pool and have smoothed out the pool floor. If you have a pool floor pad, wall foam or pool cove now is the time to install before we begin the liner install.

Place the liner box inside the pool before opening. Once there carefully cut the straps being cautious no the cut the cardboard or the vinyl material. At this point remove the liner and place on the pool floor. Discard the box and begin opening up the liner and unfolding it. After a few minutes you should have it laid out flat in the shape of the pool. The seam should run around the outer edge and the liner centered up in the pool before moving on.

Next begin raising the liner sides up to the top of the pool wall and attaching them with coping strips. On most pools there will be about 4″ of vinyl overlapping the top and hanging down on the outside of the pool wall. Continue around the pool raising the sides up and attaching the liner while keeping consistent the amount of overlap. Once all the way around you can move onto the next step.

Begin adding water with a common garden hose. As the water begins to slowly fill the pool you can start in the middle and work the wrinkles toward the sides of the pool, Working from the center outward in a starburst pattern will keep the liner centered in the pool and provide a wrinkle free finish. Once all the wrinkle are gone from the pool floor you can move onto tightening the sides of the liner.

If the liner seems baggy along the sides you can remove the plastic liner coping one at a time and adjust the liner accordingly. From here you can continue filling the pool while reassembling the stabilizer bars, top ledges and any other parts that were removed. Once the water is at about 2′ re-install the skimmer and return jet and you have successfully completed your overlap pool liner replacement.

Overlap Pool liner Installers