Cheap Above Ground Pool Liners

I feel I just had to write this blog about what has become a force in the pool industry, the cheap above ground pool liner. Like most people I am always looking to pay less for something and will buy on the internet or from a store if it’s what I’m looking for. And if I can save $50 on a particular item I would probably purchase it from most anywhere. This can become a real problem when the item isn’t what it should be. In this case the item is swimming pool liners for above ground pools.

We do a lot of above ground pool liner replacements in Central Florida and we are seeing more and more pool liners that are coming from overseas. Let me first say, I have no issue with foreign made products as long as their quality is good and someone is standing behind the warranty, but that’s not always the case here. These cheap pool liners are very poor quality and require a more delicate touch to not tear them during installation. They leak, come apart at the seams and don’t last more than a single season or two. The few bucks you save buy purchasing one of these pool liners can quickly turn into you having to replace it again the following year, and that’s no bargain.

Buyer Beware!

The real problem is that no one seems to know there is any difference in pool liner quality because the imported liners often have the same prints and styles as the major brands. They too can come as overlap. j hook, unibead designs. The lack of manufacturer name, detailed information and suggestive wording makes one think it’s the same liner as the more expensive pool stores carry. This is a dead giveaway! The truth is buying one of these liners is a big mistake and often costs much more than doing it right the first time.

As an installer I highly recommend that you spend that extra $50-$100 on your new liner. It’s much cheaper to invest in a quality above ground pool liner and have it installed once as apposed to paying for two pool liners, two installations and filling your pool twice, not to mention the cost of chemicals.

Florida is a tough environment for any above ground pool liner and I can attest to the shortened lives even good pool liners live in the brutal Orlando climate. But these cheap liners are low grade and in some installers won’t put them in at all. I know some who won’t warranty their installation because of the potential problems that may occur. I would say to purchase your pool liner from a reputable company like or even your local pool store and avoid big bargain outlets like Amazon etc.