Deep End Swimming Area For Above Ground Pools

A deep end swimming area is nothing more than crater dug into the floor of the pool. The shape and depth of the deep end or deeper area is limited to the how far the pool liner can stretch, most expandable liners can add 2 feet more water depth some others can add up to 3 feet.

Making your above ground pool deeper is something that’s mostly done when the pool is being constructed, although you could do it when changing the liner. The addition of the deep swimming area is labor intensive due to dirt removal, shaping the pool floor and waiting on the water to remove the wrinkles from the liner. Depending on the pool size you could expect to pay an additional $200-$500 for a professional to do it.

In order to create a deep end round pool you would need an expandable pool liner and new coping strips. Creating an oval deep end above ground pool will require a special pool with a framework capable of this accommodating this feature. It’s important to understand that the majority of oval pools cannot have a true deep end without major modifications which often void pool warranties.  If a fully warrantied oval pool that can be buried in the ground and have a deep end up to as much as 7 feet sound good to you, check out these pool models.

Deep End Above Ground Pools In Orlando